Blueberries at Kenburn Orchards

At Kenburn Orchards, we grow eight varieties of cultivated high-bush blueberries. These provide a long season of tasty fruit for your enjoyment starting early July.  Please check our home page for days and hours we are open, or call for availability.

Our 2 acre field is located on a knoll, and a screened gazebo graces the highpoint with views of our pastures and views to Mt. Monadnock and beyond. We irrigate our berries through about 2 miles of drip irrigation tubing to help them grow plump and sweet. Our well-manicured rows are mulched with wood chips to protect tender roots and conserve moisture. Mown grass between the rows makes a comfortable and clean environment for picking.

Picking blueberries is an ideal activity for family members of all ages. We welcome well-behaved children, and elders who may appreciate our buckets and crates for sit-down picking. We provide picking containers of all sizes, and containers to take home your fresh-picked berries. Berries are sold by the pound, and in an hour you can usually pick 5-10 pounds.

If you have any questions about our berries, please ask. Our goal is to provide you with great picking in a beautiful environment and hope that you will return for many years to come.