Kenburn Orchards Timeline

The Allens construct a new duplex farmhouse on the site where a previous house burned on the Allen Dairy Farm.

K.Y. Taylor, Susan’s grandfather, buys 150 acres of the former Allen dairy farm and renames it ‘Kenburn Orchards’.

K.Y. Taylor and his sons plant 40 acres of apple trees.

G.P. Taylor, Susan’s father, actively operates the farm, selling fruit at a farm stand along what is now the Mohawk Trail.

white daffodil1945
Susan’s father and grandfather build an apple storage barn using timbers from the original 3 story dairy barn on the property.

Lacking money to buy the proper modern equipment and refrigeration, the Taylors lease the farm to nearby Mohawk Orchards.

Susan’s family moves to New Haven, CT.

G.P. Taylor buys the farm from his father’s estate, passing it onto the second generation of Taylors.

tiger lily1971
Larry and Susan, now living in the area, are married on the lawn of the farm.

Illness forces G.P. Taylor into early retirement, and he and his wife return to the farm in Shelburne. Valley View Orchards continues to lease the apple orchards.

Valley View Orchards terminates their contract when the commercial apple market collapses, and the Taylors cannot find anyone to continue farming their apples.

G.P. Taylor resists selling the farm, in spite of his disability and his wife’s confinement to a nursing home.

Spring drops1989
Larry and Susan purchase the farm from Susan’s father.

The property is enrolled in Chapter 61.

Before her father’s death, Susan promises him that she will do everything possible to preserve the farm and their family’s legacy. Larry and Susan move to the farm full-time, restoring the house.

Larry and Susan open Kenburn Orchards Bed & Breakfast. The property is re-enrolled in Chapter 61.


wood lily

Larry and Susan begin to plant additional blueberry bushes and Christmas trees.

Russell Donelson constructs a new barn from local hemlock to house equipment for maintenance of the farm, replacing the 1945 structure.

Larry expands the berry plantation to approximately 2 acres, and they write a new forest management plan for Chapter 61.

The abandoned orchards tangled with invasive vines are cleared to make way for a warm season grassland.

thistle bee2013
W.R Hillman and Sons dredge out the old farm pond to make a useful resource for irrigating blueberries.

Larry and Susan continue to investigate their conservation options.

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