Christmas Tree Varieties At Kenburn Orchards

We grow a selection of tree types which are excellent as Christmas Trees. All trees will last well into the holidays and hold their needles if you keep them thoroughly watered.

Balsam needlesBalsam Fir

This is the traditional Christmas tree that many of us grew up with. Balsam fir is a beautiful pyramidal tree with short, dark green, flattened and aromatic needles. This tree has a dark-green appearance and retains its pleasing fragrance throughout the Christmas season. It sheds very little. The fragrant balsam tips are used in balsam pillows sold in gift shops.

Canaan Fir

The Canaan Fir is closely related to Fraser fir and balsam and is often described as a hybrid between those species. It’s not, but it does combine many of the characteristics of balsam fir with the improved needle retention of Fraser fir. The tree has soft 1″ needles, medium-strong branches, very good needle retention, and great green color.

FraserFraser Fir

The Fraser Fir is a truly superb Christmas tree. The dark green color and fresh-cut aroma makes it one of the most desirable trees. A regal, richly fragrant tree, Fraser has bicolor needles — deep green on top, silvery white below. We tend to prune these in a more narrow profile than balsam. You can tell a Fraser from a balsam by the pair of silvery stripes on the underside of each needle which grow around the branch twigs. Frasers have sturdy, upturned branches that are ideal for showcasing ornaments; they also retain their needles better than other varieties.

concolorWhite Fir or Concolor Fir

The Concolor Fir has 1 1/2″ soft, thick, blue-green needles, medium-strong branches, very good needle retention, a pleasing natural shape and aroma. The needle color provides the initial attraction, but the big draw for this species is the strong, citrus-like scent of its needles.

blue spruceBlue Spruce

Blue spruce grows in a symmetrical, conical shape. Color can vary from dark green to powdery blue. Branches are stiff and will support many heavy decorations; however, they tend to drop needles in a warm room, so a cool location is best. Caution – wear your gloves! Needles are extremely sharp, which can make the tree difficult to handle, but good for keeping small children and pets at bay.

We also have a field of Fralsam – a cross between Fraser and balsam which will be maturing in a few years, and we have a few Korean fir and Meyer spruce.