Picking Blueberries

Kenburn Orchards PYO blueberriesWe strive to make your visit to Kenburn Orchards an entirely pleasant, easy, and rewarding experience.

  • Hours: open Wednesday – Sunday from 8 am to 5:30 pm, depending on weather and berry supply. For your safety, we do not pick if it is raining or if thunderstorms are threating. Call ahead if the weather is variable.
  • Parking is available on the grass beside the driveway. We will assist persons with limited mobility upon request.

Stop at the first bay of the red barn. We will provide you with a choice of containers for picking, and show you the ripest areas you’ll find the best picking.

While picking, save the stress on your back – sit on one of the milk containers or buckets you’ll find in between the rows.

Safety in the Field

  • For your safety, everyone must wear shoes. Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and insect repellant are a good idea.
  • Smoking and alcohol are not permitted on the farm.
  • Children must always be under the supervision of an adult. No running or pulling at the bushes. The barn and farm equipment are strictly off limits.
  • Pets are not allowed in the blueberry area. Unrestrained pets are not allowed at all.

If you need a break, rest in the gazebo and enjoy the 360 degree view. Cold bottled water or a selection of soda is available for purchase at the barn.

bountiful cropSorry, we have no restrooms. The nearest ones are at the Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters, one mile west, or the Big Y supermarket to the east.

Buying Berries

Pick-your-own berries are sold by the pound. On your way out, stop at the red barn and we will weigh your berries and put them into appropriate containers. Please pick, weigh, pay, and then eat.

Payment is by cash or check only. We’re sorry: we cannot take credit cards but there is an ATM just down the road.

Sometimes we will have pre-picked berries to sell by the quart. Call ahead if this is what you prefer.

How to Pick Berries

Picking berries is easy – choose the dark blue berries, roll the ripe berries off the bush with your thumb and into your palm. Because not all varieties ripen at the same time, ask one of us to show you the ripest berries.

Select berries that are firm, dry, plump, smooth skinned and completely blue, with no hint of red.

Susan picks blueberries
Although it may be tempting to pick only the berries on the top of each bush, by doing so you may miss some of the tastiest berries, which are found down lower. If you are physically able, please consider picking berries from all levels, sitting on a bucket or milk crate. Please pick only the berries you intend to pay for.

We expect that you will sample a few berries. However, in general, we expect that you will pick, weigh, pay, and then eat your berries, just as you would in any retail store. If it is too difficult to keep kids from eating, we appreciate your paying us for the amount you think they ate.

We will ask persons who are disrespectful to us, our property and bushes, other customers and guests, or who disregard safety rules, to leave the premises.